Andi Fins and Larissa Pesch at Kesselhaus Acoustics and Acoustics in the Elbphilharmonie (that’s Hamburg)

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Andi Fins is a Berlin-based producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Originally from an isolated Bavarian village, his alternative/ indie music inspired him to move to Germany’s cultural capital, where he has released three well-received albums  and has worked with a number of acclaimed German artists like Moritz Krämer, Mark Forster, Tim Neuhaus and Clueso as a session & live musician and composer.

Andi Fins is live TONIGHT with Larissa Pesch (Judith Holofernes, etc) at Kesselhaus Acoustics in Kulturbraureri, P-Berg (Berlin)(11.2) and TOMORROW (12.2) at the Acoustics at the Elbphilharmonie as part of the Knut Acoustics series, together with CATT, Dino Paris and David Ost. The Berlin gig is free and Hamburg costs 29€ on the door.

indieBerlin: So how do you two know each other?

Andi Fins: We’ve been working together for about a year; I did my last record in 2018 and I wanted to do some concerts. I met her at the Höchster Eisenbahn; she did backing on their records, as well as backing for a lot of other artists, like Judith Holofernes and so on.
So we started playing together; CATT was in the band as well in the beginning but she started to get quite busy, so I kept on working with Larrisa.

indieBerlin: You all know each other…?

Andi Fins. Yeah yeah (laughs).

indieBerlin: How long have you been playing, you know…as Andi Fins.

Andi Fins: I did my first record in 2012. That was solo – then I got more friends and musicians in and it turned into more of a band thing for the second album, called Dreamer. But this band split a year after the record because we went on tour was nothing personal but I wanted to record something new and I wanted to get rid of this kind of band structure…I wanted to try new things out and get new input and have space for my new music. I opened up a kind of studio situation, where I come in with the pre-productions. I have a drummer, Hannu, and a bass player, Alex Binder, and I recorded the whole album with them. We went to a studio with two guys who recorded all the other stuff, and the rest I did at home. ADditional keyboards, singing etc.

indieBerlin: So you have a home studio?

Andi Fins: Yup. Mostly a piano.

indieBerlin: How come you write in English and not in German?

Andi Fins: That’s a question I get a lot. I do sometimes write in German, and recorded a lot of songs in the last 2 or 3 years. I release one, called Emil, but actually I always come back to English because it’s my language…where I feel more comfortable in singing somehow. Not just the lyrics, but it’s a diffierent kind of phrasing in German…

indieBerlin: Thanks very much for your time, we look forward to hearing you with Larissa Pesch at the Kesselhaus Acoustics in Kulturbraurei and the Acoustics tonight – the 11th – and in the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg on the 12th.

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