Argentinian Nu Cumbia Record label ZZK is coming to Berlin and we’ve got tickets for you

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Clubs are holes for the residents where coincidence becomes magic and then history – ask the CBGB waiters. The Zizek Club in Buenos Aires became a wave.

Founded in 2008, ZZK Records is an Argentinian small record label that brings worldwide the sounds of Latin America. It was born out of parties made in Niceto Club where DJ’s and Producers met to throw a party that started creating a particularly special sound. Cumbia mixed with electronic noisy/ambient sounds, hip hop beats with indigenous flutes, traditional music disguised with modern costumes.

These parties grew to become what is known now as the genre Nu Cumbia and although mixing EDM with traditional music was happening in other parts in Latin America, Zizek Club parties became the meeting point of this developing artists.

…Record Label which represents artists like King Coya, Frikstailers, Mitú or Nicola Cruz.

“It’s such a small label and so independent that we can not say yes to a lot. We have to say no to many.” Says Grant C, one of the heads behind the record label which represents artists like King Coya, Frikstailers, Mitú or Nicola Cruz.

ZZK is an extension of the Andes Mountains. The branches of the Amazon trying to grasp a world that has forgotten it. A sound that reverberates in walls of ancient temples now flashing with neon lights.

On Friday 22nd March in Club Gretchen, expect an equator jungle on your ears and the Queen Cholas dancing to its power – for your chance to win a pair of tickets, send an email to win(at)

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