Ask the Industry Expert Part II – Stefan Wittich of MusicDNA™ Radio


Our next industry expert is a man with loads of experience on both sides of the music industry fence – as a touring musician as well as a music journalist and now as PR and label relation person for MusicDNA™ Radio. What’s that you say? It’s a very new, very interesting and incredibly useful tool for independent musicians to find out what radio stations are playing them, anywhere in the world, how often, and by whom. Read on…

Stefan Wittich has over 15 years of recording and touring exerience in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. He studied drums at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles from ’93 to ’95.
Alongside his activitities as radio presenter and music journalist (’97 to ’02) he was also a founding member of the band Tele (UMP/Universal Records), and is currently drummer with the Swedish band “New Found Land”.
Since 2010 Stefan also works for the gloabl monitoring service MusicDNA™ Radio where he is responsible for PR and label relations.

MusicDNA™ Radio works with over 17,400 radio stations, 4,500 of which are in Europe. The monitoring service produces data in realtime which can be used for targeted radio sampling, copyright-relevant invoicing and diverse market analysis.
All official investigators of the German Airplay Charts working on behalf of the BVMI also deliver individual evalutation information from each listed radio station to MusicDNA™ Radio for both the top 300 titles and the top 500 trend charts.

What does this mean for the independent musician?
It means you can use their service to find out exactly which radio station in which area of the world is playing your song, how much, and not only adapt your tours accordingly, but also then apply to those radio stations for interviews and features when you do tour in their area. It’s a potent tool – not only for the majors and the bigger labels, but for every musician who wants to conduct any kind of targeted promotion.

If you have any questions for Stefan about how MusicDNA works or anything else, send them to info (at) indieberlin (dot) de and we’ll put the best five to the man!