Attention The National fans – new album played all day in Michelberger this Tuesday!

by | indieBerlin

Yes that’s right, our friends at Michelberger are getting to play the entirety of the new The National album TEN DAYS BEFORE ITS RELEASE DATE, back to back, all day long from 7am to midnight in the Michelberger bar and restaurant on Warschauerallee, Berlin.

Anyone who managed to attend last summer’s Funkhaus festival put on by the Michelberger together with the two guitarist brothers from The National, Bon Iver and others of the ilk, shouldn’t be surprised that a. they have seriously good taste in music and b. they’re in with the indie in crowd, enough to be invited to do something like this.
Brand new, unheard, yet-to-be-released
So, The National fans, make sure you get down there tomorrow, 7am on the dot, and don’t leave until midnight, at which point you should have been able to hear the brand new, unheard, yet-to-be-released album “Sleep Well Beast” at least sixteen times.


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