indieberlin visits // Badeschiff Open Air


Photo credit // Karolina Kala

If sunshine, sand, swimming in the Spree, amazing music and freshly made burritos are your thing, then it’s no surprise that you might have stopped by the Open Air at Badeschiff on Sunday. If your not familiar with Badeschiff, it’s a combination of a pool made out a shipping container within Berlin’s Spree river, a man-made beach and an open-air bar. To top it all off, it’s also connected to the infamous Arenaclub, and across the street from Schlesischer Busch (a small park also connected to the spree filled with lush greenery and willow trees weeping over the water). It’s no wonder this is a favourite spot of many Berliners and a perfect location for an Open Air Festival. Sunday’s line-up included Jake The Rapper,Tinush, Meggy, Sommersonnenwende, Red & Ron, Kollektiv Ost and Mother Tongue. After wrapping up with the days festivities, the party continued into the morning at the Arenaclub, a smaller venue behind several warehouses just beside the Arena Berlin; though after seeing how many people attended, this was obviously no hidden secret.