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What are you doing on Friday night (14/06)? Nothing? Perfect! Come enjoy the BIMM End of Year Gig 2019 at Musik und Frieden.


The concert is organized by BIMM Berlin, the European music institute. The concept of Friday’s gig: fifteen groups, fifteen songs. You won’t hear only one music genre, they promised us fifteen songs going “from pop to hardcore and everything in between”.

Line up:

1 | Likwid Duuki – Holiday (Cover)
2 | Rumia – Nothing right or wrong
3 | Bence – Weep
4 | Little Elm – When the Neighbours fight
5 | Fanny’s – Fire
6 | Josh McEwen – At the Airport
7 | Wonderful – Wonderful
8 | REVO_band – Revocation
9 | Forest Island – Lies
10 | Alien Grace – Cavemen
11 | The Usual Boys – Inside
12 | Jimmi 69 – Why iii love the Moon (Cover)
13 | Askers Dodge – Lightning Frightning
14 | Charlotte & The Melted Brains – In my bones
15 | Banglist – Turn the lights down

Oh, and for the ones of you who regularly read us, among the fifteen talented bands playing tomorrow, you’ll certainly be familiar with at least one name on the list. Yes, our dear Banglist will perform there! For those who don’t know them yet, they’re a half Icelandic half Norwegian group which we signed a few months ago. They released “Fearless” last month. Not to strew roses at our feet, but we chose the right group: they’re really good and born to be on stage! Don’t miss them on Friday!

The concert is for everyone so don’t be shy and come as you are! Bring your friends or/and family and come celebrate the end of the year in a friendly atmosphere. Bonus: the entry is free.

So, let’s recap quickly, shall we? A gig in a matchless Berlin club, fifteen different bands and it’s free. Seems to me there is not much to say no to. Hope to see you there!

Concert info:

Date: 14/06
Doors: 19:30
Show: 20:30
Location: Musik und Frieden

Photo credit: Eline Duijsens



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