Basement Bash Vol. XIII on 25th October – not to miss! Win tickets here…

by | indieBerlin

Transparency? Well okay then. We came across Basement Bash towards the end of 2017 and thought ye gods! or something along those lines, and were so impressed that we enquired with overly vituperative* enthusiasm how we could get involved…three months later we had all thrown our hats into the ring and started off indieBerlin Events. Now Basement Bash is all grown up and doing its thing at the Auster Club, drawing from a steadily increasing pool of the best bands we can find.

Basement Bash Vol. XIII is taking place next Thursday, ie. 25th October, at Auster Club, and we’d love to see you there. With three hard-hitting bands in the generally psychedelic direction we’re excited to be featuring a line-up of People Club, Turquoise Sun and Molly out of Austria live, plus one of our absolute favourite DJs Nixe.

Want to get down but don’t fancy the 7€ on the door / 5€ for early birds and students price? Write to win at and with a bit of luck…

*I don’t actually know what that word means, but I always wanted to use it.

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