BINKBEATS (live) in Berlin (29.03.2019) – Win tickets!

by | indieBerlin

Dutch multi-instrumentalist and master of loops Frank Wient, aka BINKBEATS, will perform live at Gretchen next Friday, March 29th and indieBerlin is raffling off two tickets!

Known for his popular Youtube channel Beats Unraveled, where he deconstructs popular songs using all his own instruments, Wient has succeeded in becoming much more than a one man cover band. Earlier this month he released the third part of a trio of EPs under his Private Matter Previously Unavailable project.

“If I wanna play live, I cannot do these covers, or else it’s gonna haunt me forever,’ said Wient in an interview. ”When I was doing this series [of EPs] I finally found what was me and making my own music in this way.”

Wient started playing the drums at age 11 and went on to attended the Royal Conservatoire of the Hague, eventually attaining a Masters degree in music. He now lives in Utrecht, the place he’s called home for 20 years, and is part of the collective Kytopia. Inhabiting what used to be an old monastery, he and other musicians and artists spend their days religiously working on their craft.

His own studio has thousands of instruments; from expensive synths and pedal boards to sheets of steel and children toys. Wient’s deep passion for discovering interesting sounds out of all things –combined with his DIY work ethic– drives him to make harmonious mixtures of genre-bending electronic music. Much more than a producer with a looper pedal, his live show features a dazzling array of hi-tech instruments, seemingly odd house house hold objects, and very pretty lights.

Send us an email to win(at) and tell us your favourite new BINKBEATS song for a change to win to tickets to the show.

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