British Sea Power in Kleiner Postbahnhof last Thursday remain dogged


British Sea Power played with the Arkells as support in Kleiner Postbahnhof last Thursday. The Arkells did their reliable indierock thing before BSP took the stage. BSP have built quite a following over the last years, and celebrate their quirkiness: They include places as tour dates like cross-channel ferries and seaside cafes, in among the clubs. They hold a festival in an obscure and hard-to-get-to pub each year. BSP followed their tradition of decking the stage with foliage in the Postbahnhof and proceeded to play a tight set, some of the band in their socks. Unfortunately they seemed a little lacklustre and the audience was the same. There were a few obviously hardcore fans who determinedly bopped around throughout the concert but for the most part it was only in the encore that both band and audience really came alive, as if they were a football team whose manager had given them a pep talk in the break. Everyone danced, the band shone, bears were in abundance and everyone left on a high. If they could just have done that through their whole concert BSP might grow beyond their over-the-years faithful fanbase and shake things up. We’ll see.

Review and photos by Mia Morris