Brutal beauty in Berlin with Ciaran Lavery

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The honest, award-winning Irishman with more than 80 million streams on Spotify plays in Berlin on the 13th of May at Privatclub Berlin. Yeah, you want to be there. Win tickets here…
A voice singing words that bring out chills because they make you feel; that’s Ciaran Lavery. His lyrics are poetry, painting pictures of real relations, fears, details of existence. His directness seems at times brutal. But in a refreshing, let’s-get-to-the-point way. And the fact that there’s a dirty side to the beauty means that Lavery manages to avoid being too sentimental or tacky.

Yes, sometimes his voice trembles. Yes, sometimes it’s whispering. And sometimes it yells. Sometimes it’s so powerful it almost breaks and collapses. It’s rough and it’s soft and it’s filled with contrasts. It rings out to heroic singer-songwriters like Ryan Adams and Neil Young – just to name a few. But Lavery is not like them. His music exists somewhere in between heroes like these, and the instrumentation is varying – violins, keys, drums, choir, horns, and of course both electric and acoustic guitars. Different soundscapes are painted in different colours, yet made to fit perfectly through Lavery’s voice and his comfortable melodies.


“I love you baby, till the parking ticket runs out. Till the lights in the streets are as bright as the stars and you can’t work out which way’s round,” Lavery sings on the newly released track “To Chicago”.

The track is part of the brand new album Sweet Decay. No doubt Ciaran Lavery is highly productive and hardworking. It seems he cannot stop writing (which is not a bad thing!). Sweet Decay takes him on his biggest tour so far and luckily leads him to Berlin. Here he’s playing at Privatclub – with indieBerlin as media partner, we’re proud to say 🙂 – on Sunday the 13th of May. Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm.

For more infos check out the Facebook event here.
Would you rather win your tickets? Then go ahead and send an email to win (at) With any luck you’ll receive two tickets for the concert. See you there!

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