Chastity Belt coming to Frannz Club – win tickets!

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“Are we having fun?”, Chastity Belt asked on their debut record. Six years and three full-length releases later – plus a brief hiatus that came with an extra dose of existential crisis, the college friends can safely say: Yes, this is what we’re meant to be doing.
Chastity Belt came together in 2010 at Whitman College, in Walla Walla, Washington. In between classes, they taught themselves how to play their instruments, and released their debut EP Fuck Chastity Belt in 2012, humorously stating on their Bandcamp “This is the worst music you will ever hear. Chastity Belt is the worst band to ever exist.” A collaborative EP with Dude York followed the same year, before their debut LP No Regerts hit in 2013. A tranquil record somewhere between noise pop, shoegaze, and indie rock, it’s a homage to college days, partying, and the crippling self-doubt that comes along with those.

Two years later, now out of college, Time To Go Home deals with the life after. It’s a record about the extreme: absolute freedom versus depressing boredom, euphoria, substance abuse, and, finally, the overwhelming need to go home to sleep. Surf rock and punk elements are introduced, whilst keeping the typical serene sound of former songs.

Time To Go Home became their first release on Hardly Art, Seattle-based affiliate of Sub Pop Records, known for having released some of the best-selling albums of all time, including Bleach by Nirvana and Give Up by The Postal Service. The so-called “Seattle Sound” the label has been ascribed to is apparent on Chastity Belt’s work. They take a softer approach to the riot grrrl ideals, but the politics and the feminism are fiercely ingrained in their songs.

I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone could have been the Time To Go Home of the 80s. With dark melancholy the band tackles issues they’ve spoken about before – but this time, the flashing lights of the dance have stopped, left is the grey ceiling of the bedroom. Through the ennui a self-help book glimpses, the one that’s been left abandoned after all the fun had.

Following the band’s brief hiatus, their fourth, self-titled record that just came out in September reflects on friendships and relationships. They have persevered through a number of hardships, and now they’re back to make up for lost time.
Their current tour will take them all over the world, including a stop at Berlin’s Frannz Club on October 6th. Haven’t secured your ticket yet? No worries, write to win(at) for a chance to win a free one.

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