Closing party two-minute teaser: A wild & wacky interview with Bana Banana, burlesque queen extraordinaire!

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We just LOVE Bana Banana. We watched her at Club Bassy recently, we’ve been watching her for years… She’s even featured in the exhibition that she’s performing at.

Obviously she’s performing at our party. Speed dial stuff. She’ll be lining up at our exhibition Closing Party alongside Kitty Solaris, The Jooles and Justine Electra. And because we can’t get enough, we went and chatted to the Spanish-born star before the show.

For the right to not always be pretty, for the right to be imperfect, to search for another kind of perfection through creation

It takes a lot of guts to do what you do! What’s your secret to stage confidence?

Hi! If I told you my secret, it would not be a secret anymore! Just one important thing: be real and be present. Here and now. When I step on the stage I forget about anything else. And that first eye contact with the audience is magic!

Bana Banana shows some stocking

What’s the most important message behind your performances?

For me, it is important to have a message, whatever it is. It can vary depending on the costume, the music, the location or the target audience. I came from theatre, so I am focused on the acting part. Facial expression is a important for me, more than dancing. I communicate – I use a lot the energy coming from the audience too: listen to them, they communicate with you too!

What do you love about Berlin?

Berlin made me grow! Berlin let me be how I am, and everybody is free to dislike it. The city has a tremendous intensive past and it reflects on the present. I love cities with history, with stories! First thing I told my mother when I first came to Berlin: wow, Mami! Here, everybody is like me!!!

What do you think needs to change in the next generation of performers?

It has to change the concept of being an artist. Now we tend to do art for money, or for being cool, or for being on TV; not for self-investigation, for the right to not always be pretty, for the right to be imperfect and search for another kind of perfection through creation. Like God… or like reality itself.

How important is art to making a difference in the world?

Well, art is your left brain working, and most of the world is working too much with the right part of their brains. Art keeps the balance, and indeed only through art and imagination can a scientist reach unexpected new better discoveries. Art is communication and life is communication. Without art, the world out there would be just a perfect boring machine.

Bananas Dada at Bassy Club Berlin on indieBerlin

Poster from the last amazing Bananas Dada Club night!

What’s so great about Dada?

Dada is great! It is more than great! It is Insane Pure Majestical Spontaneity! It is about breaking rules as strong as the earth is round! It is overcoming the tradition of being criticised or valued against “normality”, the “right thing”. In short: Dada is the opposite to ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ or ‘The Voice’. There is no competition, no comparison, like a horse who runs without looking at his fellow racers… And the Dadaist texts are pure philosophy. I recommend Tristan Tzara and his writings: better than Nietzsche!

Without art, the world out there would be nothing more than a perfect boring machine.

How’s the burlesque scene around your home country Spain?

The burlesque scene in Spain, as far as I know, is not so strong. Spain fancies itself as pro and modern but deep down we are still very influenced by the Catholic Church and the Francoist right wing. Venues are not as eager to invest in shows, because the crowds will come anyway – they don’t want to complicate it. Ibiza is an exception: La Troya was one of my favourite parties there! They’ve been doing crazy good performances, not only burlesque or queer but also acrobatics and installations since the early 90s!

Bana Banana poster for der Gruene Engel Berlin Burlesque Week

Poster for next Tuesday’s show!

Have you got some upcoming events to advertise? (I’m sure you do…)

Der Grüne Engel lebt! – Berlin Burlesque Week 2017 on 23rd May. Next Bananas DaDa Club on the 31st of May. Ah! And your finissage!



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