Coming up // CocoRosie at Huxleys Neue Welt


[Written by Emma James] Photo credit: Erik Weiss

Wow! If you have managed to get tickets to this gig you will no doubt be in for a magical night. Formed in 2003 by sisters Bianca and Sierra, CocoRosie have since toured pretty much the entire globe and enamored audiences everywhere with their other-worldy look and sound. Poetic and artistic, yet, cutting edge and raw, the pair effortlessly weave elements of pop, folk, hip hop, blues, opera, into beautiful pop songs, which often deal with intensely dark subject matter. This month the breathtakingly talented sisters are releasing their 5th studio album entitled Tales of a Grass Widow on CitySlang Records, produced by none other than Bjork’s long time collaborator Valgeir Sigurosson.  If released track ‘Gravediggers’ – which tells the story of an imagined conversation between an old woman and an abandoned child – is anything to go by, then the album is a further exploration and continuation on the last four released which will know doubt please fans. On tour to promote the record and kicking it all off in Berlin, head down to Huxleys Neue Welt in Neukolln, and prepare to be enamored too.