CTM Poem I: Die Eishalle am Berghain

by | indieBerlin

Pictured: die Halle am Berghain. Not pictured: die Eishalle. Photo courtesy of Stefan Lucks & CTM.











the ceiling is high

it was so before the octagon

and will be so soon, too

the octagon is irregular and symmetrical

it would be a rectangle

– 7 strides wide X 19 long

– i am eight hands high and some

– pick a fraction: rods, koans, chains

– – –

but four the cut off rights,

where,                        what?

ah, a puck might get stuck

on whose authority?

no photos, no smoking.


the vendors outnumber their customers

three people on €2 rentals


it’s rude to assume

i do anyway, for movement, you know

not skating, really,

lifting gingerly

back a smidge, up an inch

2(heel-toe) AND 2(heel-toe) AND


the techno is tepid.

in kelvin: liquid mercury, maybe.

in celcius: room temperature.


the surface itself has all the wrong edges.

the zamboni hopped the corral (probably)

with the columns’ vestige

of intrigue.


the quirks show

the jigsaw foam

of nursery floors

surface synthesis

glossy PR poppycock.


sure its faux but so far

we’re here, into simulation still

though where’s the oxide kernel

without the worry even

that a date might break to

heal in splints

Hear the latest Moa McKay Single Heartbreak Billie