Darwin Deez Live Performance Review: The Radar Detector himself created waves in Berlin

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Last week on Wednesday 24th, the master of hippy music, Darwin Deez, and his band arrived and performed in Bi Nuu in Berlin, creating smiles and dancing feet.

Most people know him for his quirky hair, style and story-like songs, Darwin Deez even has a fan Facebook page dedicated to his hairstyle! This time he was freshly cut and ready to entertain the crowd with his hippy persona and funny anecdotes.

Pom Poko was the opening act, a punk rock group with a leading lady rocking the stage. With a long blonde ponytail, vocalist Ragnhild Fangel had an insane amount of energy and bounced across the stage, evidently feeling every single beat and chord in the band’s music. This electric and wild opening was enough to get the crowd totally energised and ready for Darwin, but was also an amazing act within itself.

Darwin played many of his new songs from his latest album 10 Songs That Happened When You Left Me With My Stupid Heart including new song Get Away, the album also includes his new song with new music video Say It First.

His whole band incorporated mini dances to other tunes in between every few songs, which were nice breaks between his melodies and were also super entertaining for the whole audience. It’s also really lovely to see the band fully incorporated into the action of the stage instead of the focus being primarily on Darwin, it seemed to be more fair and open than other bands.

Darwin also relayed little anecdotes about himself, his songs and life in between songs and really vibed with the crowd. His song Moonlit from his 2013 album Songs for Imaginative People was apparently about the bourgeoisie, and the song Chelsea’s Hotel from the same album had a heartfelt story about an almost-maybe-something relationship that could have but didn’t happen, claiming it was one of his favourite songs.

They also performed Darwin Deez classics like The Bomb Song, an incredible story of having a love whilst facing the end of the world: ‘Say you love me now, please, / Say it now that the sky is green’.  As well as his most played song Radar Detector, and a personal favourite, Bad Day, about wishing someone you dislike to just have multiple, non-violent ‘bad days’ like losing the last page of their 800-page novel and dropping their keys down the drain. To send someone this song is probably the politest ‘fuck you’ you could send!

Darwin Deez really drew in the crowd and got everyone singing along, dancing and laughing at his jokes and anecdotes. Nothing else could have been expected from such an awesome and caring artist!

To find out more about Darwin Deez, his latest album and his up-and-coming gigs and concerts follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Darwin Deez coming to Berlin with indie Berlin Bi Nuu

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