Death Hags: Goth Françoise Hardy surfing on 90’s grunge wave

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Lola G. took the crowd on a journey with her new solo project last Friday at 8mm. While people were sipping on Whisky sours and beers, she brought up an atmosphere that left us surfing on a musical cloud, melting even the most heavy-rock 8mmers heart.

She describes her music “Fuzzy doom pop traveling between worlds”. Traveling in-between universes indeed. Experimental is the keyword defining her new solo project Death Hags, mixing loud punk and avant-garde guitar riffs, electronic DIY sounds with the delicacy of 60’s French pop singer. Jane Birkin and her friends were all on stage that night, bringing the intimacy, the authenticity of the best French yé-yé 60’s vibes while covering Françoise Hardy’s “Le temps de l’amour”, making all the men in the crowd fall in love with her glamorous French attitude.

Death Hags is what all Sonic Youth fans have been waiting for since the 90’s

But she quickly turned the atmosphere around by using post-punk experimental add-on to her compositions. Death Hags is definitely what all Sonic Youth fans have been waiting for since the 90’s. Lola G. manages to bring out a poppy voice on heavy rock when she sings “Le vampire”, reminding us of a similar sound to The Breeders. But what makes it unique is her authenticity, defined by the way she moves and interacts with the crowd by exposing her vulnerability.


Brian Jonestown Massacre meets Nouvelle Vague

Death Hags was born a little bit after the creation of her previous garage band DTCV (pronounced detective) with guitarist James Greer. Their album “confusion moderne”, released in April 2016 is extremely inspiring, bringing vibes of Brian Jonestown Massacre meets Nouvelle Vague, fitting perfectly in the décor and ambiance of the underground Berlin bar 8mm.

We are definitely looking forward to hearing more of Lola G. with Death Hags, hoping she will fill our minds up with honesty and most of all, good Rock n Roll.

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