Death Hags on 8MM Bar Live review

by | indieBerlin

The mystery had raised the expectations. A solo show of hypnotic art pop was awaiting. The expectations were abstract and blurred within this adjectives, hypnotic, art, pop.

The bar was half empty half full and a mellow voice was finishing the first song. Death hags the multifaceted project of composer/multi-instrumentalist Lola Jean was half filling the room. the spaces in between her mellow melodies were taken by the well produced beats on the background. She was playing the Guitar, a sample pad and had pedals.

The samples of the beats for the songs were heavy, deep and dark. Time could be heard on those drums that made the stools of the bar shiver of lowness.

The visuals on the background had a catching effect, silhouettes of lights and old movies. Her voice seemed pale and melodic, loud but soft, not really hypnotic but more trying to get close to catchy ups-and-downs. The guitar sound waves cut all this drum and voice interesting contradiction with inconstant strokes that were a couple of decibels of mix.

“I’m sorry, I’m sick” and “I feel like a thousand degrees here” were sentences said in the middle of songs that tried to explain the off-ness in the room.

The whole presentation lacked energy, the changes in the sound of the guitar were terribly timed and the sound of the effect pedal cut the movement of the well off stroke of the guitar. The songs (as well as the performer) lacked movement and engagement.

The beats were launched by her command with a drum stick hitting the sample pad and the off timing sounded great because of how well made were these beats. All the feeling of this amazing samples on the back making heavy dance beats went off with the loud guitar and the mellow colorful melodies.

When the presentation ended the bar was half empty, maybe half full.

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