Decomposition – Obectra Fashion Show (2018) at Festsaal Kreuzberg

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Berlin’s Studio Obectra will present their new collection in ‘Decomposition’ at Festsaal Kreuzberg on Saturday, October 6th.

Exploring themes of death, rebirth, and dark romance, ‘Decomposition’ unveils Obectra’s sixth collection since its inception in 2012.

Working out of Neukölln, previous years collections include an impressive array of all black apparel designed for men and women, and in unisex. From sporty club couture to luxurious leather designed for the dance-floor and the darkroom, high-quality materials are used to elegantly express an obsession with black and a deep love of the night. Taking direct inspiration from the city’s famous nightlife, Obectra crafts clothing to provoke and seduce.

Their 2017 collection ‘Zwei’ was presented at the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, where a team of contemporary dancers introduced the show with an emotionally charged performance accompanied by a daunting piano piece.

Tall, tattooed models then slowly strolled down the runway as ambient electronic music created an air of mystery. Donning an assortment of leather crowns, caps and face-masks matched with meticulously pierced gauntlets (some reaching up to the elbow), the models flaunted sleek, sexy and strangely seductive looks from Slovinian designer Blav Cuk.

While some were covered nearly head to toe in a combination of opaque latex, athletic underwear, and fashionable winter jackets, others coolly walked half nude as leather harnesses with large steel rings stood on their shoulders.

“Beginnings and endings” are Cuk’s main inspiration for Obectras new collection. “Materials, silhouettes, and gender-less spirit will seduce you and take you on a trip through music, fashion and beauty of human bodies,” reads the show’s press release.

Obectra recently released their fashion film ‘Rebirth’ –a nice a teaser for what’s to come at ‘Decomposition.’

Contemporary dancer Andrea Galad will preform as a special guest.

Nicolas Bougaïeff’s driving techno beats will bounce through the room and impel models down the runway. 131bpm will continue spinning tunes during the afterparty.

Check out the Facebook event page here for more show times and tickets.



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