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CATTcreditsDELIA BAUMIf you’re as excited as we are for the Kesselhaus Acoustics winter session happening on Tuesday the 11th, you will be just as pleased to read about soon-to-be acclaimed singer CATT, that will be there, blessing your ears with her soothing yet striking songs.

And if you’re in Hamburg, the Acoustics Sessions is being hosted this year at the Elbphilharmonie! With the same artists as in Berlin, one day later on the 12th! 

CATT candidly talks about her music inspirations, her emotional stage debut as well as the thrill traveling brings to her life. She also teases her upcoming tour which makes us more than excited for her carrer as well as for our own musical pleasure. If you are just as transported by CATT’s music as we are, don’t miss her next Tuesday for an evening of discovery and artistic joyfulness at Kesselhaus.

How would you describe your music to someone that has never heard it ?

Organic, soulful, honest. I always try to play and record what feels good in the moment. My songs are written on the piano and if you listen carefully you can explore my different brass instruments and my voice appearing in experimental background choirs. For now I just have my debut record „Moon“ out so I can only talk about the status quo: Maybe something that might work somewhere next to Bon Iver, Joni Mitchell, James Blake and Tom Odell.

How long did it take you to build your musical singularity and universe and how was that process like for you ?

I started releasing my first song completely on my own 2018. Since then I was playing live a lot. I opened for other artists that were already bigger than me but I also played in almost every little bar that Berlin has to offer. Sometimes in front of not even 20 people. But all that helped. On the one hand it shaped my stage personality which for me just means being my “natural me“ more and more. Especially in the beginning that’s quite a personal journey. On the other hand among these 20 people in a bar audience there sometimes sits one person that wants to work with you in some way. I just played a lot and released new music and videos and worked a lot with talented friends. It also helped that I already was a composer and musician before being CATT so there were already people following me and my music. I think musical singularity or musical language never stops developing.

What made you start writing and composing music ?

I grew up in a classical environment. But I started collecting all kinds of Pop-CD’s when I was six. Next to my classical piano education I began to improvise and to learn chords secretly when nobody was at home. I think I was 10 when I tried my first songs in.. well.. let’s say some kind of language that sounded like English in my head. I think I just always had a lot of musical output and needed it somewhere to go so I just played, sang, wrote and recorded a lot from childhood on.

What do you find so special about an acoustic performance or live performance ?

I love that you have some kind of really individual setting: a certain room, a certain amount of musicians with a certain amount of different instruments and an audience that influences the whole live situation a lot. And in this certain setting you can use what you have to just play your songs. They might turn out longer, faster, in a different feeling depending on the musicians and you can just enjoy the freedom of the moment. Take up the mood from the room. Anything can happen.

What do you enjoy the most, studio or live ?

I like how you can get lost in the studio sometimes – but in a beautiful way. You discover one trace and follow it and completely lose every sense of time. But I think the highest amount of energy can be found on stage. The whole communication in a room filled with listening people and the other musicians being there with you in the same state of mind and body.

Is Berlin a city that inspires you ?

I think for me traveling and being in nature inspires me more. Well, Berlin also has a lot of input to offer – let’s say I gain a lot of stuff in the city and process it at lonelier places. And Berlin is great for bringing all the things to life surrounding the music: Here are so many good musicians, video makers, photographers, creative people.

Do you write your own songs ? If yes, what’s the emotion that inspires you the most ?

Yes, I do. I think until now mostly positive feelings like hope or amazement. Some of my friends sometimes tease me that even the saddest song sounds still positive when I sing it. I’m just more of a happy, constructive person. But I plan to explore different moods in future songs.

Do you always sing or write about things you personally go through ?

Mostly, yes. Sometimes it’s also topics I discuss a lot with people or something I observe.

Do you have a distinctive memory of a performance you particularly cherish ?

Yes, definitely. My first „real“ (with tickets and me as a headliner) show, my record release show in summer 2019 in Berlin. It was the first time that people actually came to see just me. It was sold out, people had to be sent home which was hard to believe for me as a newcomer. And I had the best time on stage with a lot of musician friends I invited to play and sing with me. And maybe the cologne-gig at the Kat Frankie support tour: We played in front of 800 people that was the first time in front of so many people with my own music.

What are your upcoming events or release ?

My debut album has already been planned in the backround, jipiiiee, but there are still many songs that I need to write. And another exciting thing: I just announced my first headliner CATT-tour through Germany – every single sold ticket means so much to me, it still feels weird to be the reason for people coming somewhere because of me. You can find your city via if you’re curious!

CATT truthfully adds: 

“See the moon changing its position like you going through transition. So don’t you worry, worry my dear – one day you’ll see it see it see it clear.” The quote, from her incredible song entitled ‘Moon’, illustrates CATT’s message of acceptance and faith towards spirituality and destiny. And your destiny is with us at Kesselhaus Acoustics! 

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Photo credit: Delia Baum 

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