Donny Benét – Second Dinner: In Review

by | indieBerlin

Uncle D never fails to disappoint, and his latest venture is nothing less than Oscar-worthy.
Having dropped his new single Second Dinner on Thursday, we’re still recovering from the gnarly visuals and radical synth-heavy beats. Slick production values and psychedelic instrumentation aside, there’s a unique quality to Benét’s music which is hard to define. Certain words or phrases might come to mind – voice of a lost generation, for example – but nothing effectively encapsulates the enigma that is Sydney’s greatest son.

Not heard of him before? You have nobody to blame but yourself, you uncultured swine.

He’s an old-school soundsmith who writes his own rules; receiving international critical acclaim as a result of 2018’s The Don. Second Dinner is an infectiously 80s-esque outing, and you’ll most definitely be humming it for the rest of the week. There’s no better way to start your week than with a taste of D-Money, so head over to the You Tube and feast your eyes on the anthem of 2019.

Piqued your interest? Follow Donny’s adventures on Instagram, send him fan poetry on Facebook, and check out his back catalogue on Spotify.

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