Dream Boogie – a touch of David Lynch, a touch of Sam Cooke – at Basement Bash 20.4

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“…Always pleasantly trashy and at the same time with extreme pop appeal is exactly what I want from garagepunk. (Dream Boogie’s) songs sound like old friends passing a fresh beer. And maybe that’s the great art of their songs. They work just about anywhere, in the car, at a party, while skating or cooking.” – Extract from Sounds of Subterrania

Dream Boogie, an excellent band, are live at Basement Bash at Urban Spree on the 20th of April – want to win tickets? Write to us at win (at) indieberlin.de

indieberlin: How did you come up with the name Dream Boogie?

Dream Boogie: The name is taken from a biography of Sam Cooke. We love him. Dream Boogie could also have been the name of a David Lynch movie cause it has a little mystery to it. So we just liked that combination between Cooke and Lynch.

indieberlin: How did you get together as a band?

Dream Boogie: It was formed by Isak and Lars Ludvig on a holiday in China. Patrik and Tommy came later.

We just liked that combination between Cooke and Lynch

indieberlin: If your music was a movie, which genre would it be in?

Dream Boogie: Comedy.

indieberlin: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Dream Boogie: People, movies, forests, sun, rain, dogs and laughter.

indieberlin: What music do you listen to when you’re touring?

Dream Boogie: Everybody brings their own stuff. The Ronettes, Beethoven, Patti Smith, GZA, Nina Simone, Ennio Morricone etc. Anything that touches our soul.

Indieberlin: What was the nicest compliment you once got?

Dream Boogie: Once there was this guy who told us that we were too good to play garage. That was nice, fun and also a bit true.

indieberlin: How do you feel about covering a song?

Dream Boogie: We love it. We always keep a cover on our set list. Our experience is that the audience likes a good cover as well.

Our music has more diversity than black and white and hopefully it puts a smile on your face and a rainbow somewhere

indieberlin: How do you think the audience in Berlin is different to the audience in ________?

Dream Boogie: Isak and Lars Ludvig used to live in Berlin for a while and they feel the audience in Berlin is more relaxed compared to Gothenburg (Sweden). Berlin is the New York of Europe, so much creativity that runs through the city and people are drawn to that like magnets.

indieberlin: In ten years you look back to today and think:

Dream Boogie: Wow.

indieberlin: Do you see your songs in colour or in black and white?

Dream Boogie: In colour. Cause our music has more diversity than black and white and hopefully it puts a smile on your face and a rainbow somewhere.

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