Duckwrth and Chynna to headline TINY x Melt! Rap Fest this Saturday

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On Saturday, December 1st at IPSE, by Schleusenufer, TINY and Melt! Booking have collaborated to present a mini rap fest dedicated to showing the future of rap, with trap-rap queen Chynna and hip hop-funk-soul artist Duckwrth.

Duckwrth, TINY x Melt! rap fest’s headlining act has been gaining notoriety all over the world with his banging beats, bouncing rap and his genre-bending funky lyrics. Duckwrth, also known as Jared Lee, is a musician and visual artist from LA, that started off his career by performing on TeamBackPack on YouTube, where he gained a small group of cult followers and releasing mixtapes like DuckTape and Taxfree V1.

Duckwrth released a politically charged collaboration project with The Kickdrums in 2015 named Nowhere and in the following year, the critically acclaimed debut LP I’M UUGLY in 2016, where he released great tracks including LOWRIDER and I’M DEAD.

In 2017, he released his album an XTRA UUGLY mixtape which was his first major record release, creating a new vision by blurring elements of hip-hop and rap with rock, funk, soul and incorporating live elements like guitars and the violin.

In the album, he released his most played and most famous song MICHUUL with over 7 million plays on Spotify, where he talks about Michael Jackson as a huge inspiration to him: “I just wanna shine like Mike/ I might moonwalk on site”, delivering such funky beats, this is a song impossible not to dance to!

The album also included songs such as XTRA, BOY and THROWYOASSOUT, which he performed for the cult YouTube series Colors, back in July.

His most recent release, due to be part of a new and upcoming album, is called SOPRANO, relating some of his Christian and church childhood at the beginning of the piece, as the song transforms into grimy and dirty beats talking about his growing fame: ‘Crank that bitch to a million’.

Chynna, also known as Chynna Rogers, is a rising artist in the rap world, having worked with A$AP Yams while she was still in high school who inspired her to get into rap. The West Philadelphia native created a flurry of SoundCloud tracks, with her first major hit Selfie in 2013 and Glen Coco in 2014.

Chynna delivers her words in a deadpan tone, keeps low volume, and is “deceptively lackadaisical”, usually with deep, fierce and sometimes heavy content. She is also inspired by psychedelic rock and emo genres, naming her 2015 EP I’m Not Here. This isn’t Happening after a Radiohead lyric.

Chynna released a woozy, semi-psychedelic EP music 2 die 2 in 2017, she relays her experience with drugs and depression after having left rehab and becoming sober.

Her latest release $ (Dough) is evidently about money, desperation, being broke and self-doubt delivered with dark beats and her usual low-volume delivery.

At the TINY x Melt! Rap Fest this Saturday, we will also be seeing Berlin native musicians performing their work, including live act Comfort Boys, and DJs Ricky Tan, Moneyama, Dekkapa, Vaiper and Malengo, to keep the beats going all night long!

The event will be at IPSE this Saturday, check out the Facebook event for more information on the event! In the meantime, follow Duckwrth on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as Chynna on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Duckwrth coming to Berlin 01.12

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