Duckwrth at the Tiny MELT! Rap Fest was phenomenal

by | indieBerlin

The LA rapper and musician DUCKWRTH, graced the small stage of IPSE, a small concealed venue by the Schleusenufer in Berlin on 1st December wowed everyone with his pure energy.

Coming in, there is a wide open dance floor with a small stage that the crowd can gather around, DJs playing a wide-ranged mix of tunes and the party was getting started including Berliner DJs Ricky Tan, Moneyama, Dekkapa, Vaiper and Malengo.

Before Duckwrth began, the Berlin, five-piece rap group Comfort Boys, who gave us some grimy and dark German rap to start the night off and got the whole crowd bouncing.

Duckwrth was set to play at 1am, so everyone was buzzed, dancing and really ready to listen to their favourite tunes by the time he jumped on the stage and hit us with the beats.

Duckwrth at IPSE with indieBerlin

One of his first songs of the night was LOWRIDR with its funky beats, fast and upbeat rap, with funny lyrics about riding his bike with his girl.
Duckwrth also made a joke with the producer about being alive before jumping into another hit song I’M DEAD, and then his latest release SOPRANO, which mixes some edgy aspects of rap and gospel.

Of course, a Duckwrth set isn’t complete without a performance of MICCHUL, which of course got everyone singing along, quickly transitioning into FALL BACK, where he jumped off the stage and danced amongst the crowd.

Ultimately, there is nothing with as much stage presence, talent and connection with his audience than a Duckwrth performance.

The night, a rap fest in name, also showed performances by Chynna, the West Philly native who has collaborated with A$AP Yams, delivering her bars of pure fire in a monotonous tone that hits well with the beat.
Her hit singles include Glen Coco, her latest release $(Dough) and Selfie from back in 2013.

To check out Duckwrth, follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for updates, releases and more up-and-coming gigs! Also remember to follow Chynna’s journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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