EP Premiere: Nicole Fiorentino – I Know Our Hearts Condemn Us

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Rising to notoriety as bassist for The Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt and The Cold And Lovely (to name but a few), we’re excited to present Nicole Fiorentino’s new project Bizou.

Her intriguing EP I Know Our Hearts Condemn Us is due to be released on 1st March – a combination of post-punk aesthetics and new wave oomph, it’s a high energy outing with an industrial sound and crisp vocals, a melting pot of different genres interpreted in a very unique manner.

The snappy single Superstition was released earlier this month in support of this curious new venture. With an ethereal melody, the echoing vocals and rich textures are experimental in their nature, proving that Fiorentino isn’t afraid to shy away from innovative new ideas. It’s undoubtedly a striking introduction to her latest project, and with thought-provoking lyrics and weird and wonderful production values, it’s certainly an arresting insight into her mind.

With vocals provided by Marisa Prietto (formerly of Wax Idols fame), we’re treated to an interesting employment of what sounds like an army of synths in EP opener Love Addicts. Minimalist jarring harmonies and double-tracked vocals give the track a certain gothic pop flavour; the weaving lines and scratchy guitars showcase the compositional skill of Fiorentino. There’s a delicious use of heavy distortion peppered throughout the work, leaving us with a haunting and raw sound.

Opening with a captivating dronal texture, Andromeda has a wonderfully late-90s grunge sound at points. With a summery melody, there’s an interesting juxtaposition between the upbeat nature of the track and the tone of the lyrics – overall, it’s a fairly mellow piece, rich with shoegaze-style guitars and darkwave rhythms. The guitar melody is one of the catchiest on the record – with a heavy breakdown rather reminiscent of the riot grrl era in parts, although how deliberate this was remains to be seen. It’s a refreshing take on modern alternative, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

a striking introduction to her latest project…with thought-provoking lyrics and weird and wonderful production values

Prietto grabs the opportunity to showcase her vocal ability with both hands in Like Rain – with a tangy opening guitar section, it’s a sharp and luscious event, finding the perfect balance between a myriad of different styles. There’s never too much going on at once in this record – it remains simple, whilst encouraging sonic exploration in all its forms. It’s never self-indulgent; none of the experimentation taking place here is without purpose.

The dreamlike post-disco Scars offer up a more electronic context, with brilliant messy textures and chaotic instrumental sections only adding to its charm. Arguably the standout track of the EP, the melody is punchy and energetic, with piercing rhythms and a lighter feel than the rest of the record. The vocals are hugely memorable – we’re hoping this isn’t the only project Fiorentino and Prietto are planning on working on, as they seem to be a perfect combination. Overflowing synths and meaty basslines define this track – it’s got a slightly poppier sense to it, but manages to retain the darker industrial/alternative sound that seems to have become the trademark of this EP.

Overall, it’s an inquisitive and fun record, with killer instrumentals and beautifully ghostly vocals working in perfect harmony. They’ll be on tour soon so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming dates – if the EP is anything to go by, the live show is sure to be something you don’t want to miss.

I Know Our Hearts Condemn Us is independently released on 1st March, with the Soundcloud premiere happening at 15:00 CET on Thursday 28th February.

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