Exclusive interview with Nina Francesca Nagele, Art Director at Melt Festival

by | indieBerlin

IndieBerlin had the chance to sit down with the amazing Nina Francesca Nagele, art director at Melt festival! We did get a close insight on the vision and organisation of the festival and now, you do too.

IndieBerlin: Tell us about your background and how you came to work at Melt festival?
Nina: I started as an editor and head of brand communication at splash! mag, our in house hip hop magazine. it was an amazing experience but at some point I just needed another challenge and a wider musical cosmos than just rap, so I started as an art director and part of the project management at Melt festival.

IndieBerlin: What does an art director of a festival do and what are your main responsibilities? Can you describe a typical day at work?
Nina: There is nothing such as a typical day at work and that’s the best part about it. One day I’m talking to some fashion brands about a sick merch collab, the other day I’m working on a artwork campaign with a lot of different designers, the next day I’m working on some ideas, to get some special activities for our crowd on site. I think my main responsibility is to form an authentic image for our wonderful festival and show the people out there (that might have never heard of melt festival) how f*cking sick it is.


IndieBerlin: What makes MELT festival different from other festivals?
Nina: Melt Festival lives from its diversity – no matter if it’s the line up, the non music content or the crowd. We have people from all over the world fleeing reality for a few days and living their best life. And I’m very proud to say, that we might have one of the most open minded crowds ever. That’s why we have so much different non music content, like a secret garden hosted by Pornceptual or Pansy’s Playhouse with Drag Shows and beautiful Queens. On top you have this incredible venue, full of old cranes and metals in between nature and a wonderful lake. Oh, and our Sleepless floor which is open 24h for three days. Melt festival is more like a whole experience than just a music festival.

IndieBerlin: Is MELT festival striving for equal representation of gender through the organisation of the festival?
Nina: We definitely are. I think everybody should be. Equality – no matter what part of the festival – is a big part of how we work and how we want our festival to be. We have a lot of strong women behind the scenes and on our stages which shape the festival to what it is. I’m not saying, that we are doing everything perfect yet, but we’re working on it with a lot of passion.

IndieBerlin: In relation to the conversation that has been going on in the last few years, do you feel that the gender representation has been changing or evolving in the music industry ?
Nina: I think there are some changes going on and we are on the right way for sure, but it’s still a very long way to go. But the music industry is not different to all the other parts of our society – there is some awareness and people are discussing and working for the right cause, but there are still many more problems, that we have to solve.

IndieBerlin: What is your personal experience about it?
Nina: Since I come from a hip hop background, I’m very used to be treated different just because I identify myself as a women. Some people are still not used to me, telling them what to do, but that is just one more reason for me to keep going. But then there is the other side: a punch of wonderful, openminded people with a common mindset. Creatives, musicians, brands etc. from all over the world, that share my vision – that’s what you’re working for and that’s what counts.

IndieBerlin: What advice would you give to women starting of in the music industry?
Nina: Be tough but stay soft: don’t take shit personal and don’t let it ruin your beautiful soul, but don’t loose your sensibility. You probably have to fight harder than your male colleagues to gain respect, but it will be worth it. Show them what you’re capable of.

IndieBerlin: indieBerlin is always keen on discovering new artists. Any local up-and-coming bands that you want to recommend to our readers?
Nina: One of my favourite local musicians right now are all the members of Erotik Toy Records – from Tightill to Skinnyblackboy. They are playing at Melt Festival this year and I’m super excited. So check them out and if you are at Melt: Friday 8.45 at the Highsnobiety Stage.

Make sure to get your tickets to Melt Festival before they run out!
We sure are gonna be there, will you ?

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