Fews – real rock and post-punk pleasure setting fire to Badehaus on the 24th of October – win tickets!

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Fews have come to stay. The alternative rock/post-punk band from Sweden/UK/US plays at Badehaus on the 24th of October – indieBerlin is media partner and you’ll understand why if you continue reading. We’ve also got a pair of tickets to raffle…
Fews are a four-piece band from allover the world – from Sweden, America, and Britain. Three different places with different musical styles and different roots. The Scandinavian touch – call it melancholic or gloomy – is an important part of the music. It pervades the soundscape. And both Britain and America are also in there. No doubt at all. If great bands like Interpol, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Cure, and Editors had a baby and that baby grew up in the obscure Swedish forests it’s not impossible that this baby would turn out to be Fews.

And that’s the thing. Fews are not like any other band. They’re inspired by others but they’ve got their own style. And thanks for that. It’s a great thing.

The atmosphere of the music is haunting and at the same time crawling up on its listener and jumping right at him. The rhythms are chasing, the air is thick of smoke, and clouds are turning darker. There’s an untamed wildness at play here.
Proper sound
The track Zoo from the last album Means is an example of a track that puts the greatness of Fews on display. And shows their potential to surprise. It’s a pool of electric guitars, wild drum play, a mysterious bass, surprising electronic noises, and the vocals of lead singer Fred. His voice is kind of ghosty, and sometimes mean. It all fits very well together.

The Guardian gave the album four out of five stars. It’s produced by the talented Dan Carey (Bat For Lashes, Toy, Kate Tempest) – and he’s done a very good job. It’s an alternative rock album. It’s got the proper noisiness. It’s in possession of a post-punk vibe and at times has a psychedelic feel to it. It’s young, drunk, and alive – full of lust.

The next step is for you to acknowledge that you’ll need to attend the concert at Badehaus on the 24th of October, doors at 7 pm. Here’s the Facebook event and here is Fews’s Facebook page. Go ahead and check them out! IndieBerlin is media partner.
If you want a pair of tickets for free, try your luck by sending an email to win[at]indieberlin.de

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