Francesca Belmonte releases beautiful debut album Anima

by | indieBerlin

Francesca Belmonte: The blend of her deep and soulful voice, introspective lyrics and the musical atmosphere that she creates pulls you irrevocably into her music and into her world.

Francesca Belmonte decided after five years of collaboration with Tricky to gather her courage, spread her wings and release her debut album Anima.

The inspiration for the name stems from her interest in psychology, human behaviour and Carl Jung’s concept of ‘anima’ – the female psyche in the male brain. It is not a coincidence that the title means ‘soul’ in Italian. This is in fact what her music reflects, her poetic talent and sensuality that come together in the hypnotic setting of Electro, R n’B, Soul, Club, Pop and Avant-garde elements creating a perfect melancholic intensity. It is a pure artistic creation, a gourmet dessert for delicate musical epicureans.

The album was produced entirely by Tricky, who believes that her youth and old school attitude lead her to create an authentic soulful music. What that distinctive way is can be discovered through the fourteen profound singles that create a personal story, which entice with a complex variety of breath-taking moments. Her voice and her approach to the music are what make her unique, so listen to the album to get to know her better and reach your own conclusion.

Review by Petra Gorisek.


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