Get your hairspray ready: Kissin’ Dynamite coming to Bi Nuu

by | indieBerlin

What started off as a High School project soon rose to overwhelming success: Swabian heavy metal band Kissin’ Dynamite have been on a steady climb up the charts.

Despite their non-mainstream sound, five out of their six albums entered the German top 100, with their latest 2018 release Ecstasy scoring at number 7. Starting March, their powerful, tongue-in-cheek songs can be witnessed live during their Europe on Ecstasy tour.

Kissin’ Dynamite are anything but strangers to the stage. From Bang Your Head!!! to Summer Breeze all the way to Wacken Open Air, they’ve made an appearance on metal festivals all over Germany. And it’s no surprise why: their glam metal tinged sound takes one right back to the 80’s. There’s some AC/DC in there, some KISS, something new and exciting. It’s reminiscent of when those bands stood in the eye of the public, filling the biggest venues around. When stadium rock was a thing. It’s what makes Kissin’ Dynamite bring the generations together: It’s a band for people who want to be taken back to the old days, just as it is a band for people who’ve never had the chance to experience the spirit of the 80’s.

Having been a support act for German heavy metal band U.D.O – whose vocalist is featured on their second album Addicted to Metal – and American glam rockers Steel Panther, the band just finished their tour throughout Europe with Amaranthe and Powerwolf. Finally, fans will be able to see them as the headliner. Going by their track record it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience, has the band also recently been crowned “Best German band” at the Metal Hammer Awards.

Kissin’ Dynamite will be supported by hard rock newcomers John Diva & The Rockets of Love. Supernova Plasmajets will replace them as an opener on selected dates. Tickets for their Berlin show on March 20th can be bought here.

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