Glamour Madness Bangs – A show for the bizarre and the decadent

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Friday nights are made for dancing and more importantly, watching Burlesque shows.
At the newly refurbished club, Toast Hawaii in Prenzlauerberg, myself and a few Burlesque virgins headed to the Berlin Burlesque Academy show. Glamour Madness Bangs, a show for the bizarre and decadent, Martini Cherry the delicious host drowning in sequins, led the nights revelries with gusto and wit.
Glamour Madness Bangs, a show for the bizarre and decadent
The evening was a successful mix of newcomers performing for the very first time and some seasoned pros showing off some of their famous acts. As part of the “Step into the Spotlight” course the BBA runs, 4 newbies created acts of their very own and took to the stage in front a live audience for the nail biting first time. We were dazzled by their bravery and innovation. Who would have imagined a old cleaning lady could be so sexy, well Elektra sure did. And would you ever think of a pooping geisha, complete with her own toilet roll fans?
Would you ever think of a pooping geisha, complete with her own toilet roll fans?
Another fantastic twist to the evening was the audience members being presented with numbered pink ping pong balls upon entrance. They had two purposes, to vote for your favourite newcomer act and as a raffle for top prizes from the Berlin Burlesque Academy. Sadly, I was unlucky, but I still had a hell of a time.
Glittery raven fans and a whip-away bra
Following a rather champagne indulgent interval, the professionals took to the stage. Arden Delacour, my delightful Burlesque teacher wowed up with glittery raven fans and a whip away bra. And Jean Rockmore, who is living proof of the student becomes the master with her enchanting balloon act. Liu Boheme, gave a beautiful oriental sword dance with flashes of royal reds and golds.
Thirsty for more
Of course, Marlene Von Steenvag was on hand to make sure the audience were enjoying their evenings. Many of my friends who had never seen burlesque were truly taken back by the standard of the show and have vowed to come back as they’ve been left thirsty for more.

As for me, watch this space, it might be me up there next time….

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