GRETA – Dreamy austronautic synthpop for your spacetravel

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80s-turning, astronautic synthpop on its way to space.

You only know her by her first name – and let’s write it in CAPS.
 GRETA – It sounds like something taken directly from a fairytale, and the music is filled with mysteries and magic.
 GRETA is a german musician based in Copenhagen, and her dreamy synthpop creates imaginative worlds.

Imagine stories about spaceship-landings and 80s-saturated movies, like E.T. (And in more recent times, Stanger Things). GRETA’s music would fit perfectly as a soundtrack! It looks back at the time that has passed, and still has a grounded glance in the future.

Her music is floating with an electronical grove centred around bubbly melodies, flickering harmonies and GRETA’s smooth gravity-defying vocal in the front.

In october 2019 GRETA released her debut EP, Ardent Spring, PT1, that also represents the first half of her debut album, that will be released this year.

GRETA played her first live shows in 2019, she has built up a lot of enthusiasm around her magical music. Go on a nostalgic futuristic journey in GRETA’s company, when she’s playing on Roskilde Festival this summer!

You will experience some weird and amazing things.

We were lucky enough to grab a coffee with her recently, and asked her a few questions:

indieberlin: How did you come up with the name GRETA?

GRETA: After playing in many different bands and projects I slowly developed the urge to free myself from all aliases and just be myself. Connect to my core and remember why I started to make music. GRETA is my soloproject –  a place and space where I can feel free to do whatever I want musically and visually. Where I can be mysterious and honest at the same time. That’s why it felt natural to name it after myself.

indieberlin: If your music was a movie, which genre would it be in?

GRETA: Definately an 80s (inspired) movie or series.
Something like E.T., Back to the Future, Twin Peaks, Stranger Things …

indieberlin: What music do you listen to when you’re touring?


Here is a playlist with some my favorite songs to listen to while driving at night when you’re still high from playing and you have to keep yourselves awake: 


A playlist my producer FARAO/A’KARI  created which I absolutely love listening to in every occasion – especially in the tourbus: 

indieberlin: How do you feel about covering a song?

GRETA: I am dreaming about doing a cover of Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat since my friend Brimheim (check her out) reminded me of this song. I’ve listened to it so many times on the radio in my childhood. 

indieberlin: Do you see your songs in colour or in black and white?

GRETA: I always see my songs in colours. All colours I use on my instagram are colours I see in and connect to my music. Mostly  purple, lilac, blue, pink.

GRETA is an artist in amazing development.
As warm-up for the Faroese singer-songwriter Teitur’s spring tour, GRETA is leading the audience through a landscape of reinvented treasures: Songs from her early artistical development, short before she moved to Denmark – songs that Teitur randomly discovered and fell in love with. Songs that acommedate wild nature landscapes, innocence and the youths longing and confusion.
Songs that, led by GRETA’s glass-clear vocal, mesmorising moods and changing harmonies, flow right into your soul.

The EP Wild&Young is produced by Teitur and recorded by GRETA and the Norwegian guitarist Erlend Eggestad during a cold December in the Faroe Islands.

Stay tuned with GRETA on SoMe:



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