Hether: Over/Cruel

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Taking the avant-garde route of dropping two debut singles at once, obscure London-based four-piece Hether are sure to catch your attention one way or another.
Fronted by a wildly talented non-binary vocalist, the band seem to work in perfect synchronisation with one another. These latest releases are developed and clear-cut, with delicate layers creating a gorgeous melting pot of different sounds which we implore you to prime your ear holes for.

Over – half of the pair of punchy new tracks – is a mellow, nostalgic piece, tinged with a melancholic undertone which defines the piece. The mournful yet optimistic tone of the vocal line provides a beautiful contrast, sounded almost 90s-inspired in parts, whilst maintaining a thoroughly contemporary feel. At 5:03, it’s not your standard ready for radio/just add water release, holding its own, unashamedly taking its time and allowing the instruments room to breathe.


The voice is an intriguing one – it’s refreshing to hear a bit of an actual range in terms of delivery, and singer Nina Sever is able to show off her impressive range without oversaturating the sound. The arrangement is clean and slick whilst deftly avoiding the trap of overcompression: through this thoroughly DIY effort, Hether have managed to capture the organic nature of their music perfectly.

Cruel is a little more haunting, with the ethereal harmonies overlapping each other in a rather captivating fashion. Dissonant and minor, the texture is rich and smooth, resulting in an almost psychedelic foray into late-80s shoegaze. It’s totally mesmerising, and it’s one of those delicious tracks that will stick with you long after the final notes have been rung out.
Dissonant and minor, the texture is rich and smooth, resulting in an almost psychedelic foray into late-80s shoegaze
Reverb-heavy and pretty lengthy, they’re clearly not afraid to explore the depths of their curiosity through their music, delving into and playing with inquisitive chord progressions and impossibly cool melody lines.

This electrifying post-punk outfit seem to be criminally underappreciated, and we urge you to keep your eyes on them for upcoming releases – if their first two singles are anything to go by, you’re in for a treat.

Having only formed in 2015, their sound is remarkably mature for such a young collective, and we’re excited to see what else they’ve got hidden up their sleeves. Want to hear more of Hether’s unique sound? Check them out on Facebook and Soundcloud for updates on not-to-be-missed future shows.

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