indieberlin presents Ian Fisher’s video to “All Ya Need”

by | indieBerlin

The video to Europe-based Ian Fisher’s “All Ya Need” is now available to be viewed by all. The American country/folk singer-songwriter released Nero, from which “All Ya Need” is taken, back in January.

Set in the Austrian Alps, the video has beautiful imagery of green slopes and forests. It starts out with a shot of a Bigfoot-type fluffy mountain creature’s back blowing in the wind.

A shot of Ian Fisher playing his guitar by the radio, facing a steaming tea mug and a red Moleskine notebook on a table.

Scenes of mountain streams are shown before introducing a woman (perhaps a lover?) wandering through the woods.

The woman in the video senses something fishy. This coincides with the menacing piano chords inside the song. She realises she’s being watched through the trees by something higher up the slopes. She makes haste feeling uneasy.

Ian Fisher looks out the window, sees his reflection. He’s sensing something too. The video contains comic scenes such as the moment he darts out his house, realises he’s forgotten to shut the locket on the fence, and then darts out of the shot.

Pictures of green prairies through which the two characters run. At some point the missus breaks out of the forest prison and sees her beloved artist further down the hill. They reunite while Mister Fuzzy walks out into the shot and sees them happily make their way out the other way.

Ian Fisher will be playing in Berlin on December 3.

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