Icelandic, Indie rock artist Máni Orrason just dropped his new single… and we are starstruck.

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Blending surreal synth, pop-folk-indie guitar, drum machines and loops, Máni Orrason creates a unique and dreamy tune with his new single Picture I Recall. See him live in Berlin on November 16th at our event indieBerlin immersion!

Mani Orrason performing in Berlin 16.11 at indieBerlin immersion

Photographer Credit – Yannic Pöpperling

Starting out in 2014 with the release of his EP Fed All My Days, creating his album Repeating Patterns within the following year. This secured his position in multiple gigs and festivals throughout his native Iceland and helped him gain notoriety there.

20-year-old Máni moved to Berlin and began perfecting his art form with producer Nikolai Potthoff and together gained a following within Germany, releasing his second album I Woke Up Waiting in spring this year.

However, since I Woke Up Waiting, a lot has changed for the artist, finding new love and changing his relationship with his music and art.

Picture I Recall is about falling in love and the inevitable despair and heartbreak that happens after. Máni Orrason also questions himself and you can really notice the insecurities and doubts of the feeling of falling in love. It’s also the doubt of how you appear to others and the people you love.


His beats within Picture I Recall are slow, melodious and his guitar riffs give a real Arctic Monkeys vibe, which we totally adore! Máni essentially keeps in tradition with indie rock bands and artists of the past while incorporating his own sounds and a deep, heartfelt emotion.

You can catch Máni Orrason’s live performance in Berlin on November 16th at Entropy Collective Berlin, where indieBerlin will be hosting its new line of events indieBerlin immersion. Máni will be part of an immersive, musical visual and spoken word line-up with as much art as you can handle!

In the meantime, follow Máni Orrason on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and keep up to date with our event indieBerlin immersion on Facebook!

Mani Orrason coming to Berlin to perform at indieBerlin immersion on 16.11

Photographer Credit – Yannic Pöpperling

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