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Having just released her latest EP Flow Like A Flower, the ineffable Lavender Fields is preparing to embark on a summer of gigging in Europe and the US!
We talk upcoming projects and love for animals with the San Diego based artist and producer, whose individual style of music known as LavenDub is raising our collective eyebrows (in a very good way, of course).
indieBerlin: For those who aren’t familiar with your work, could you tell us a little about yourself?
Lavender Fields: I am a music producer who creates elevating music out here in beautiful San Diego. Growing up, I played classical piano and that has laid a solid foundation for my musical knowledge. Over the past few years, I have been really expanding my music production knowledge and learning the craft in depth. Always have been an open minded musician, and that has led me to create my own unique genre of music.
iB: Talk us through your new EP Flow Like A Flower – what’s the inspiration behind it?
LF: This new EP Flow Like A Flower is a burst of musical sunshine. It must have come from a very bright place within myself. Music is a feeling and I hope that I was able to carry out a certain positive feeling through music to a listener. My intent for making music is always to uplift. I feel like since making music comes easy to me, I should use this gift to bring more light and happiness into the world. I am very inspired by the gift of life itself and don’t miss an opportunity to sing about it.  The 3rd song “Mustard Seed”: I wrote it when I was visiting Mount Shasta. It is a very mystical place in Northern California filled with incredible natural beauty. Nature inspires me deeply, so this song just flown out of me with such ease one morning.
It’s about having trust, having faith and being aware of the infinite possibilities at every second of every day and having a choice to make and create your life in a way that benefits you and the world around. It’s also about trees and how we are so connected to them. As well as maintaining a positive vibration and walking through life with a grateful heart. Second song I Think I Like You started out as a more romantic story but now every time I sing it live, in my heart I dedicate to all beautiful humans I  who strive to make this world a better place. Which is ultimately all people. And the Flow Like A Flower song is just a joyful fun to dance to tune. I really hope this EP can make people smile in the hearts.

iB: How do you find the San Diego music scene? Would you ever consider moving somewhere else?
LF: San Diego’s music scene is quite diverse. It’s huge on reggae and dub music and those are my number one favourites so I truly appreciate that. I would definitely consider living in Berlin, which I’ve toured in last summer and had an absolute blast!
iB: Are there any musicians with whom you would particularly like to collaborate?
LF: I would love to collab with Chronixx!
iB: How have you found your experience as a woman in music?
LF: It has only been a positive experience. I know it is supposed to be a male dominated industry, but I feel like women have so much advantage musically and it’s incredible! Things are definitely changing and I see lots of female producers and performers these days.
iB: You’ve been practicing veganism for most of your life – do you try to share your love of nature with your audience through your music and, if so, how?
LF: YES! I mean, my name is Lavender Fields and that’s the expression of my love for nature. Nature themes slip through almost every song of mine! Love for nature is deeply inspiring to me. I also love using natural field recordings and animal sounds in my tracks.


I feel like since making music comes easy to me, I should use this gift to bring more light and happiness into the world

iB: How strongly does your musical heritage impact your own compositions?
LF: I think being exposed to classical music as a child does a lot for one’s musical development. I am very grateful that I have received such a wealth of musical knowledge early on so that it is making things a lot easier for me now as a composer. Classical music is so precise and beautiful that I think it creates very positive imprints in people’s brains when they listen to it. I’m also grateful for being exposed to reggae music since the rhythm of it is just so uplifting, it actually goes up instead of down, perhaps that’s how it’s so elevating and happy.
iB: Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?
LF: We have an art collective here in San Diego consisting of some extraordinary beings and together we have just started organizing events and music shows for audiences of all ages. We call them “Pure Synchronicity” events. Mostly, because I felt the need for children to be able to enjoy my music too! Normally music shows happen at night and at bars, but I gave it a thought and realized that we can create new kind of events that kids can attend and enjoy too. Plus we are going to have educational workshops, environmental awareness games and be facilitators of gathering of people where they can exchange information and learn about more sustainable ways of caring for our planet and for each other. I am excited to bring this project all of the world eventually! It’s truly an all benefiting endeavour.
iB: What does the future look like for you?
LF: I am planning to tour Europe this July/August and then tour the US in the fall. I’m also recording an acoustic album this May and then all dub album this summer.
If you’re lucky enough to be in sunny San Diego, you can catch Lavender playing at Atomic on May 18th or Trilogy on June 1st. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming dates for her European tour!

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