In review: Andy Williamson – Grow

by | indieBerlin

Hailing from the north coast of Scotland, singer-songwriter Andy Williamson’s sunny latest single Grow was released on 24th May.

It’s a snappy funk-tinged number from the multi-instrumentalist, whose guitar-based melodies have had us tapping our toes since 2015’s As They AllIt’s quite easy to picture the chorus echoed by hordes of fans at some rose-tinted festival, and it’s a touch sneakier in its infiltration than you’d first anticipate. Listening to it, the average person might think “sure, it’s pretty catchy” – it’s only when it’s firmly cemented itself as an earworm two days later that the realisation dawns on you.

Admittedly, it sits a little more cosily in the indie-pop pigeonhole in comparison to his earlier tracks – but this difference in style shows a remarkable growth. It’s slickly produced and a little meatier than his other works, with Williamson taking full advantage of the resonant accompaniment to showcase his own distinct vocal technique. It’s a slow builder, gaining pace as the track progresses, with the sharp violin harmonies constructing intriguing layers and complementing the harshness of the percussion rather nicely.

Think Maroon 5 with a slightly more Europop edge, if that makes sense. It’s a shameless foray into lighthearted anthemic pop – something it doesn’t hurt to have a taste of now and then.

Like what you hear? Take a look at Andy’s website for record and tour updates, tag him in countless photos of your fan art on Instagram, or send him unsolicited poetry via Facebook.