In review: King Kuiper – Is Chaos

by | indieBerlin

Berlin-based indie-rockers King Kuiper have just dropped their debut single Is Chaos – a mellow, slow-builder of a track highlighting the group’s deliciously unique sound.

Formed in late 2016, the quintet have been quietly making their mark on the Berlin indie scene, and will be familiar faces for anyone who frequents Badehaus or SchokoladenIs Chaos is their first step in what is (presumably) their plan for upcoming world domination, and we’ve been playing it on repeat ever since it landed in our inbox.

Beginning with the husky baritone vocals and meditative guitar section, it’s an intriguing opener – with the percussion hinting at more to come. The smoothly mesmeric melody line is utterly charming, perfectly complemented by the busy instrumentals, painting a picture with the rich harmonies served up by the band. There are no battling guitar lines or angsty rhythms here: King Kuiper’s sound is intelligent and slick, whilst managing to avoid the all-too-familiar trap of over-compression. There’s a thoroughly organic sound to the piece, which is, conveniently, rather beautifully produced.

Old-school sensibilities combined with contemporary takes on indie – that’s what makes their music so absorbing. In parts, it feels like a throwback to earlier versions of indie-rock, but manages to create a fresh outlook and put a modern spin on it – without being overbearing. The track has that much-coveted balance between high-energy performances and carefully curated lyrics, with the composition itself addressing the tricky concept of existentialism (and all the pitfalls and benefits that accompany it).

It’s not the kind of track to bombard you with everything it’s worth in the first thirty seconds; it begins delicately, adding layers piece by piece until we reach the punchy conclusion. For a first single, it’s an A for both effort and execution – we implore you to catch them in person if you get the chance. It’s so refreshing to hear a band with such a solid and original sound, and we can’t wait to hear what they’ll serve up next.

If you’re into The National (circa the good old Bloodbuzz Ohio days), Joy Division, or Dry The River, King Kuiper will be right up your street. To hear more of their work, check them out on Facebook and support their music on BandcampindieBerlin accepts no responsibility for any earworms accrued as a result of listening to this record.

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