indieberlin awards 2015 Music Category Winner Dan Freeman and the Serious

by | indieBerlin

Dan Freeman is no newbie. Moving to Berlin from his native Tasmania he studied at the Hans Eisler music school in Berlin, studying piano and saxaphone, before putting together his band Dan Freeman and the Serious. He released his debut album I Lie A Lot in 2011 which met with what we in the biz call critical approbation. Unsatisfied however, Dan retreated and buried himself in the studio to work on new material: 2015 saw the release of two new video singles, No Bridges Through and Dagner – the video of which became a staff pick on Vimeo and has been played some 65,000 times as of the beginning of Februrary 2016. The two songs show a highly talented and very determined artist, who’s focusing on the big picture, content to make sure that the material is right before putting it out there. Meanwhile Dan is mostly limiting his live appearances to living room concerts in places like Mindpirates’ The Hole where with a couple of other musicians he engages in experimental reworkings of his stuff.

We decided that Dan should win the Music Category because of the quality of what he’s produced in 2015 rather than the quantitiy – and of the promise that we see unfolding.

DAGNER from Michael Fragstein on Vimeo.

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