indieBerlin Events Mini-Documentary – see behind the scenes, we tell all! (5 mins!)

by | indieBerlin

After nine years of running indieBerlin as a blog, we decided it was time to take the next step.

Now before I talk a little about us us us, let me talk a little about you you you: we really are so indebted to everyone who lands on our site and takes an interest, reads our articles, enters our ticket raffles, and comes to our shows. We’ve always said that indieBerlin isn’t just us: it’s everyone who makes, does, appreciates and generally loves up independent art, music, fashion, film, lit etc in Berlin. Thanks!

Okay, now let’s talk about us us us…

Nine years of being purely a blog was a lot of fun, but we always knew that we wanted to be more than ‘just’ a blog. Which is why in January 2018 we started the indieBerlin Events Agency with Chloe and Anna who have been doing their monthly rock n roll concert series Basement Bash since the beginning of 2017. Since January the events team (Mia, Chloe, Anna and me, Noel) have been putting on Basement Bash as well as our new indieBerlin Exclusives series (small, unusual spaces up close with your favourite artists) and the Hidden Hinterhof Edition (happenings, parties, one-off events in hidden spots around town), and now indieBerlin Immersion (lit, art, film, a riot, a party).

So we decided it was time to make a mini-documentary about indieBerlin Events

Who we are, where we came from, what we’re up to, where we’re headed. So that’s what we did – filmed/produced/edited/etc by the wonderful Weissfilm….so please take five minutes out of your ram-packed schedule and have a gander….enjoy 🙂

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