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The Canadian band Weaves is an insider tip – but not for very much longer we reckon. Their debut album comes out in June via Memphis Industries / Indigo and their single “One More” is already a smash hit on NRP.

indieberlin presents Weaves

Weaves started life as an art pop duo, dedicated to entertaining and having fun. Jasmyn Burke met Morgan Waters when she was playing live in a Toronto venue. Morgan liked what he heard and they agreed to jam, realising that it was a case of opposites attracting – she was weird craziness and he was pop sugar – put that together, add an urge to be a little off the wall and try things most bands would never do – add two trained musicians, and you’ve got Weaves.

Their unconventional approach seems to have worked out

Another thing they decided not to do was to wait until they had an album or even an EP to start putting things out. In an interview with UNCHARTED on Morgan said that he felt that that was where the internet had pushed music: that far from sitting enjoying one genre or style, people have got so used to jumping around on the internet enjoying whatever grabs their attention. So what’s the point of trying to grab and keep their attention for a whole album’s worth of material? Their unconventional approach seems to have worked out – they’ve become one of the most exciting bands coming out of Canada and are riding the crest of a wave of popular approval.

Now they’re coming to Berlin, and indieberlin is proud to be presenting their concert at Fluxbau on 2nd June in Kreuzberg. We’ll be posting again closer to the time with tickets to win so, you know, watch this space, as they say.

If you don’t know Weaves and want to get a feel for them

Go listen to “One More” to get into the groove.

One More is a statement of independence and this is what singer Jasmyn Burke has to say about it:

“Sometimes I’m bothered by female lyrical content that feels indirect or is only about wanting a certain thing. I think there’s room for women to have a more individual voice in music and to be having fun rather than looking for their next love. It’s ok for it to not to be that, and to be more independent. Maybe it’s going out and getting drunk, and it’s not like a fairytale, sometimes its more shitty and pizza and that’s ok! That’s gonna be life for a while!”

We’re happy to have got the chance to chat to Jasmyn Burke – an interview:

indieberlin: Tell us a little bit about your musical background.

Weaves: Morgan and I sort of taught ourselves how to play music and Zach and Spence went to school for music. So we’re a mashup of trained and untrained, but I think we are all lovers of improvisation and good hooks.

indieberlin: How does the songwriting process work for you? Do you still follow the technique of meeting to “pump (the songs) full of insanity” (as you said in Rolling Stone)?

Weaves: Always trying to pump songs with insanity! Gotta go as far you humanly possible and then peel back the layers, or not. It’s different with every song. I think we’re still learning how to build songs together which is nice. Some songs on the record were written 2 years ago while others, like Two Oceans, was literally recorded live off the floor with all improv. Nothing was planned. So that element of songwriting is something we’re newly discovering so hopefully that will help push how the next record is created.

indieberlin: If you had to describe your music to a deaf person, what would you say?

Feel it in your belly

indieberlin: What bands do you listen to when you’re touring?

Weaves: We listen to a lot of pop music, some hip hop…But I mean our van is old and doesn’t have an aux so this tour we’re bringing our old burned CDs from childhood. I think Morgan has Missy Elliot and Ween so those are probably our top two for the road.

indieberlin: What was your biggest stage fuck-up?

Weaves: Umm, I dunno. We forget stuff a lot. So maybe not on stage, but we definitely have to go back to places a lot. Forgotten sweaters mailed back to Canada, forgotten ear plugs. On stage we’re in sync ha!

indieberlin: Do you prefer to play big festivals / stages or smaller club gigs?

Weaves: I think they both are interesting in their own ways. It’s fun to play the big Festivals to see bigger artists you love and to reach a massive amount of people you might not have ever reached, but there is something to playing your own gig. In a dark room, late at night, everybody in the band and audience ready to work together to create a memorable experience.

Thank you for the interview!

indieberlin presents Weaves at Fluxbau, 2.6.2016

Pfuelstraße 5
10997 Berlin

Interview by Mia Morris

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