indieberlin review: Kensington


On Monday night a winter chill filled the air and walking anywhere seemed like a great feat. As I slipped towards the venue a thin layer of ice covered the entire city and I slid up the steps and into the main hall of Comet Club. I  was there to see Kensington – a Dutch rock band hailing from Utrecht.  I grabbed a spot to check out the performance and settle in for the evening. A solid group of people are waiting in anticipation – I heard a lot of Dutch accents, and several people muttering ‘leuk’ or ‘gezellig’. The stage lights beat onto the band members faces as they did a few final checks and greeted the crowd. Large overhead fans are slowly rotate from the ceiling as they start the show. The music seemed well rehearsed and very similar to their recorded stuff. The crowd enthusiastically clapped and sang along to several of the songs – which was something that I haven’t come across much during my time in Berlin. They mentioned that the album was actually written and recorded here (they’re signed to Universal), adding another artist to the long list of Berlin-inspired musicians.  Although they have toured heavily in The Netherlands,  they haven’t had much of a presence in Germany, but they brought in quite a full audience for a Monday night. The music seemed to be something familiar to me, several ‘anthem’ type songs, which everyone could easily become involved with. They played a great show, proving that they have become well established so far. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them here again soon.