indieberlin Review: Matthew E. White @ Bi Nuu

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What a surprise when the guy went on stage: a nice-bearded-hippy-bear just accompanied by one guitarist, and it was going to stay like this until the end. I had been expecting a full band but in the end the stripped-down line-up made things even more interesting.

Saturday in Bi Nuu was a concert for guitar lovers.

A minimal set-up, two guitarists and one voice, most of the time whispering, sometimes shouting, but always bringing us to a special universe. What are they going to do with these songs? And if it’s not exactly what we expect, isn’t it part of the art, to be able to surprise, offer something different, something unique on stage?

Indeed “Big Love” was just right, because Matthew E. White knows what he’s doing. His partner supports and plays just as it should be, with the improvisational touch we want, although one that we don’t expect. They confirmed it with the cover of Neil Young’s “Are You Ready for the Country”.

Overall the audience was watchful and seemed to enjoy the show

It is not easy to catch the (Berliner) attention for more than one and half hours just with two guitars, but Matthew E. White and his partner did it.

Obviously a little bit disconnected from the real world because of the life on tour but still very kind and did not miss the chance to communicate, joke and share this moment with us. Some would say it was a little bit redundant, but the duo offered us a short trip into the classic guitar pleasures, between rock, psychedelic, folk and country. Yes, it was a concert for guitar lovers but it’s not so common in this form and it was been a pleasure to get this from you Mr. Matthew E. White.

Review by Sarah Schwaab

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