indieberlin review – Tegan and Sara live in Astra on the 18th June


Tegan and Sara @ Astra – 18.06.13

After fifteen years, some artists give shows that appear to be calibrated, precise and, in the end, a bit cold. If indie icons Tegan and Sara come from the Cold Grand North, they proudly demonstrated how warm canadian artists can be. In a very familiar way, the twins presented a very honest set, made of new songs they wanted to share, old song we wanted to hear, and some hilarious talking blurring the boundary between a comic stand up and a career summary concert. 

Being both 33 (yes, both), the sisters didn’t take the Resurrection way : year after year, they communicate the same energy, and spread all over their faithful audience their disillusioned love songs with frankness and integrity. Looking at the crowd, we can notice that they are not only the voice of their generation, but of a global
romantic and troubled youth. Thirty -year-old nostalgics and sixteen teenagers are gathered (let’s say packed) in front of the stage, raising hands and singing along to the ageless anthems delivered by our generous hosts.
Musically, Tegan, Sara and their three musicians know how to do it. If the twins like it acoustic sometimes, the five friends take an obvious pleasure in making those songs shine. It results in a very fresh and intimate energy : drums, bass, keyboards, guitars and voices are melting with complicity, and share together their vision of love and life, conquering an audience that seems to agree from the beginning till the end.
For the fans, the last song was the end of an anthology concert. For me, it was a good occasion to remember why Tegan and Sara’s songs can still resonate with the same naïve and beautiful intensity in everybody’s mind : we all once were nineteen.

Review by Sylvain Claverson