indieberlin review – Thomas Dybdahl in Privatclub last Saturday


Saturday evening and Privatclub was full. While a lot of people go out on in Berlin on a Saturday night looking for noise, lights, action, the people who came to see this simultaneously enigmatic and personable singer came to sit quietly and listen. After capable support from Hanna Leess, Thomas Dybdahl came on stage without band, with his two old Gibson guitars which have followed him around for years. At one point indeed he smilingly apologises for his “old cranky guitars” that he has to retune after every song.

Despite apologising at the beginning for being nervous (and then agreeing that it must mean that he still cares), Dybdahl remains a very assured, agreeable and congenial performer throughout the night. The audience obviously came already won over, judging from the quiet, rapt attention they gave the man throughout his performance.

Dybdahl at some point invited requests and proceeded to play most of them. He plays wonderfully, he sings wonderfully, and he comes across as a very nice man. The audience went home at the end with their hearts warmer than before.
Thomas Dybdahl, nice man, great songs, warm voice: Long may he reign.

Review by Noel Maurice