indieberlin review – Tom Odell in Kesselhaus last week


We are in the age of the songwriter. As in „singer-songwriter“, whatever that means. But it has managed to somehow become a genre, and even I know what it kind of sounds like, despite the absurdity of the name. And here we have Tom Odell. He does singer-songwriter, he does, and he does it very nicely. And successfully too, as the other night in the Kesselhaus proved. After his valiant support act Jamie Faulkner did his thing, Tom came on stage in white jacket and jeans and proceeded to do what everyone wanted him to do, which was to sing his hits and the rest. With only one album and an EP under his belt it’s impressive to have enough good songs to hold the audience’s attention all the way through – even if he did do a chirpy cover of the Beatles’ Oh Darling somewhere in the middle of the set, and left the hit that everyone was waiting for – on account of it being used in the Telekom ad and everyone knowing it – until daringly late in the evening.
Altogether an impressively confident concert from a young man who’s picking up a whole lot of awards recently in the UK (even though the NME remains unimpressed, giving his album exactly zero out of ten. Bit mean, I thought). Nice tight band, good voice, got really into it, nice one. Looking forward to the next couple of albums to watch in which direction he grows.

Review by Noel Maurice, a musician and writer based in Berlin.