indieberlin review – Unknown Mortal Orchestra last week in Prince Charles, Berlin


Unknown Mortal Orchestra – debut German concert – Prince Charles – Berlin

 There was nothing unknown about this band that cold Friday night when the part New Zealand part American band took over Prince Charles in Kreuzberg.

The show – the band’s first ever German gig – was quickly sold out, and optimistic concertgoers were not afraid of the long line forming outside or the freezing cold – if that meant scoring a ticket. This was apparently the place to be this evening.

And there, among the fashionable audience and dimmed lights, Ruban Nielsen and his two band mates made everyone’s night a little warmer.

The band played a variety of material from both their debut and newly released follow-up //, as well as throwing in a few ‘very, very old songs’, as the front man put it. An hour and a half of amazing music.

The appeal of Unknown Mortal Orchestra is something special, whether you’re familiar with the songs or not the boys will make sure to get you moving and shaking. This is partly due to the undeniable catchiness of the songs (as it turns out, a psychedelic lo-fi tune can be just as accessible as your run-of-the-mill radiopop), and partly because of Ruban Nielsen’s genuinely gifted guitar skills. The record does not do his talent justice, and it isn’t until you are witnessing the live rendition of the songs that you realize just how much effort is put into every piece.

The hit Ffunny Ffriends obviously had the room bouncing, and seemed like a gateway to a more loose type of concert. Where the trendy folks were bobbing their heads and observing in the first half of the show, they were now jumping and dancing to the band’s equally amped up antics.

It seems fairly safe to assume, that this band will be filling up and selling out shows in the very near future – and their German debut was certainly worth witnessing.