indieberlin saw and talked to Liquid Transmitter @ In The Silo – watch our video reportage on it


Last weekend the Mindpirates celebrated the beginning of spring with a beautiful collaboration of a multitude of artists. Jamie Drouin aka Liquid Transmitter was one of the artists of the open formats In The Silo. And his performance fitted perfectly in this wonderful berlinesque venue that used to be a real silo. Liquid Transmitter’s electro music completely reflected the blank concrete of abstract shapes (crop funnels) as well as the soft and spare light of candles. The sound and image of the whole performance was underlined by visual art reflections of visual artist Juan Hurle. The audience was of diverse age and was transported into an atmosphere of space, emotion and wonder. Enjoy our video reportage of it.


Liquid Transmitter (21.04. 2013, Mindpirates @ In The Silo / Berlin) from Roland Brockmann on Vimeo.