indieberlin talks to Turboweekend who play in Privatclub on the 12th April


In anticipation of Turboweekend’s gig in Berlin next week We managed to get Silas Bjerregaard, singer with Turboweekend, on the phone from Denmark for a quick chat.

ib: Hi Silas, how are you doing?
tw: Hi, I’m fine thanks.
ib: So Silas, you’re off on tour again in support of the new album Fault Lines –  how many dates are on the tour?
tw: Quite a few….twenty in april alone.
ib: Tell me, do you tour outside europe much?
tw: This tour it’s only europe, we’ve played also a couple of times in england I think…
ib: You think…?
tw: (laughs)…er, no, we definitely played there. Once in London, once in Liverpool.
ib: And how is england for playing, a lot of bands find the UK promotors hard work.
tw: Yes – the UK’s such a bottleneck.
ib: And how do you find the difference between audiences in denmark and outside it?
tw: They’re different in terms of what they react to: we have a long history in Denmark and people know the old stuff,
people listen to the new records as well but they dig the old stuff – outside Denmark people don’t know the old stuff
so well so they react as well to the new things as to the older material, which is also exciting for us.
ib: I’ve read that Ghost of a Chance was your breakththrough album, was that in Denmark or in Europe?
tw: Well – mainly in Denmark, and also in Poland.
ib: That’s kind of random – why in Poland?
tw: Actually it was because of one particular DJ who played it and it spread virally – very grass roots.
ib: You added another member to the band?
tw: ACtually he joined in 09 as a live memeber but he’s been more involved recently – he wrote half the new album with us.
ib: So before he had other projects too – why did you decide to take him on as a full member?
tw: Well, we wanted to be sure we had him on every gig, and he was there all the time anyway so it just made sense.
ib: How do you gen. write songs – as a band or…
tw: It’s very jam based, we spend a lot of time jamming grooves and sounds, sometimes I have a lyric that fits what we’ve
jammed and we use that, sometimes it doesn’t fit to anything I’ve written and I work to the atmosphere of the music.
ib: Tell me, why do you sing in English?
tw: Dunno, I think, all the music we listen to is in english so it fits in with that, and I grew up in an English
school so it comes quite naturally.
ib: Do you go to a studio and book time or do you have your own space?
tw: We’ve built a studio ourselves, and finally have the setup that we’ve been dreaming of the last years. But you have
to discipline yourself because if you go to a studio you have 14 days to do everything and now we can take as much
time as we want. OUr work flow is a little more loose now that we work at home (laughs).
ib: The sound generally has become more poppy – the single for example is more pop, but some of the tracks on the
album aren’t pop at all and are really more experimental. We did one or two songs on that album which were very pop,
the most mainstream version of our sound.
ib: Pop can be fun sometimes too.
tw: Yeah, it can be freeing. And it’s fun that we get such an immediate reaction from those songs, that they’re more
But we’re jamming on some new material now for the next album and it’s purely instrumental, quite different.
ib: And when will that album come out?
tw: that’ll come out next year.
ib: Okay, thanks, I look forward to seeing you in Privatclub!

Turboweekend play in Privatclub on the 12th April.

Noel Maurice is an independent musician and writer living in Berlin.