Indridi: Dreamy and Surreal Icelandic Melodies you are bound to love.

by | indieBerlin

Indridi captures something truly special in his melodious acoustic songs, dreamy vocals and faded beats. Catch this brilliant, indie artist at indieBerlin’s new event series, indieBerlin immersion!

Starting off in an Icelandic, punk-hardcore band Muck, Indridi has become an enchanting solo artist that creates a calming aura with his music. Listening to his tunes feels like you’re relaxed on a beach in a hammock, or (more likely!) looking out at a scene of mountains in bright, white snow.

With a delicate voice and soft guitar, Indridi started with his 2016 debut Makril. Now having developed his new album ding ding, released earlier this year, he states that the central themes are “family matters, death, depression, love and substance abuse for the most part”.

Indridi also integrates a very unique soundscape into his music, including unpredictable elements like throat singing, Icelandic drug slang and theremin-led soundscapes. From his album ding ding’s opening song “Amma”, where his guitar almost mimics steel-pan sounds, to the poetical December, Indridi seems to really hit home with the beauty of both his voice and lyrics.

Recording between Reykjavik and Berlin, Indridi has collaborated with many up-and-comers in Iceland and Germany, including musicians/recordists Tumi Árnason and Albert Finnbogason, and Icelandic super-drummer Magnús Trygvason Eliassen.

Uncompromised honesty, unflinching delivery, intimate and intensely personal, Indridi is bound to blow you away with his soft vocals and wonderful sounds.

Catch him at indieBerlin’s new event series indieBerlin immersion on November 16th at 7pm at Entropy Collective Berlin! In the meantime, follow Indridi on Facebook to find out more about upcoming gigs and EP releases!

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