INTRODUCING event series brings Ama Lou, Yung Fume, Feng Suave to The Reed

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Expand your musical horizons this month with INTRODUCING, an event series hosted by The Reed that showcases promising artists from various backgrounds and genres.

After the show on October 18th, you will never forget the sounds of Ama Lou, Yung Fume and Feng Suave, who are all undoubtedly making a mark in the music scene with their own unique styles.

British artist Ama Lou comes from a classical music background that has bloomed into a creative collage of smooth vocals, edgy beats and confrontational messages. This young singer-songwriter is certainly one to watch as she paves her way to meaningful stardom, addressing social issues such as Black Lives Matter and the concept of gender.

The EP is accompanied by a 13-minute mini-film directed by Lou herself

Lou’s first EP called DDD is a project that explores the world of a fictional character involved in a Los Angeles crime ring. Her artistic range is not limited to just music as her EP is accompanied by a 13-minute mini-film directed by Lou herself.

Also hailing from the UK, Yung Fume is well on his way to becoming a household name in the rap music scene, having captivated listeners on various internet platforms. After gaining popularity in his native South London with the release of his mixtapes Too Much Wave, Noughts and Crosses and Noughts and Crosses 2, the young rapper recently signed with American record label PayDay Records. With clear influences from modern American hip hop in his music, Yung Fume is demanding the world’s attention through his swinging hooks, droning verses and daring lyrics.

If you’re no stranger to the latest online music trends then you have probably heard of Feng Suave who have accumulated millions of views and listens on the internet since 2017.

Feng Suave transport their listeners to dreamlike states through their soulful vocals, lo-fi tracks and carefree vibes. With influences from the 60s and 70s, the Dutch psych-pop duo sound like you are drifting in a pool of warm water, enchanted by the punchy synth and hypnotic reverbs playing beneath you.

Admission to INTRODUCING is free but only open to a limited audience, so get your name on their guest list here.

You also have a chance to win one pair of raffle tickets from IndieBerlin by sending an email to win(@)!

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