Israeli bands Monti Fiori and The Apples do their thing in Badehaus on the 26th


Monti Fiori’s live shows are filled with retro atmosphere and a particularly aesthetic sense of style. Wearing no other than white suites and red bow ties, the ensemble sweep the crowd back to the spirits of singers like Adriano Celentano, Domenico mondugno, Bobby Solo, Gianni Morandi and more. After releasing an E.P and their debut album “Allegro” and performing on numerous stages and festivals in Israel, Monti Fiori are coming to Europe to spread their Italian-chic love. 

Kings of raw funk, The Apples have been creating genre melting, infectious grooves for nearly a decade. Blending a composition of decks, horns, double bass, drums and electronic effects, The Apples create a big band vibe mixed with their Middle Eastern influences, to create a signature sound that pushes the boundaries of modern funk.

Both bands play on the 26th live in Badehaus!